5 Fun Thanksgiving Traditions to Try This Year

5 Fun Thanksgiving Traditions to Try This Year

Bring some zest and zing to your Thanksgiving this year with one of these new traditions. With a new tradition, you can enjoy a more exciting Thanksgiving and create many memories with your children and extended family.

Bring on New Thanksgiving Memories

Some of these traditions can be prepared or done ahead of time while others are best done on Thanksgiving day as part of your festivities on the big day. For activities that can be done ahead of time, enlist the help of your nanny or babysitter.

1. Place Mats

Have your children create their own festive placemats for themselves, family members and any guests who will be at the table for Thanksgiving. Consider having them do the handprint turkey or simply allow them to use their creativity to decorate large pieces of construction paper. Other ideas include pasting dried colorful leaves or cut-out pumpkins to the placemats. Use them as name cards by adding each person’s name to the placemat or leave them plain. This fun activity will keep the little ones busy while you cook and take care of other preparations or provide an opportunity for you to enjoy crafting together.

2. Gratitude Chain

Cut out strips of red, yellow, orange and brown construction paper and set them out on a tray or in a bowl. Invite everyone to write down what they’re thankful for on the strips. Then, before or after your meal, create a paper chain by linking the strips together. As you add each link, read what it says. Alternatively, you can add links every day in the weeks and days leading up to Thanksgiving. Children who are too young to write can draw a picture of something they’re grateful for.

3. A Walk

Thanksgiving dinner is notorious for leaving you feeling quite full. Get the family together and take a brisk (or leisurely!) walk after you’re finished eating. This will help you digest your food, regain your energy levels and will also allow you to enjoy the crisp fall air. Once you make it back inside, you’ll be much more ready for dessert!

4. Make Your Own Macy’s Day Parade

The Macy’s Day Parade is a staple for many families’ Thanksgiving celebrations. This year, instead of only watching, provide everyone with sculpting materials such as balloons, paper, glue, yarn, markers and more. Challenge everyone to make their own Macy’s float or balloon! Then, have everyone parade through the house in your own real, live parade.

5. Secrets

Add some excitement to your table by adding secret notes, fortunes or jokes to your homemade rolls. Bake them in and watch the surprise on the faces of those who find them! Thanksgiving is a wonderful family-centered holiday that offers a great chance to bring everyone closer together. Add a few traditions that will create great opportunities for intentional bonding.

Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving tradition? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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