You may find yourself asking, “How is Certified Nannies of America any different than the nanny agency across town?” That’s a great question!

“ What sets us apart from other agencies is that we put the children first…Always.

For us, this not only means finding experienced and career-driven nannies but also training them with the most up-to-date techniques from childcare experts to provide an exciting, visionary and protected environment for your children.

Certified Nannies of America offers a high standard of service with integrity and commitment. Many nanny agencies hire candidates that call themselves “nannies.” Unfortunately, most of these “nannies” lack experience and knowledge in the childcare field, resulting in a negative stigma of the profession. Because we care about the safety and wellbeing of your little one(s), we are extremely careful about who we choose to represent us and ensure that every candidate is not only experienced but also well trained and educated.

Las Vegas Nanny Service

Not every nanny applicant is accepted into our agency, but the ones that are have met our 20-step screening and evaluation process and has completed our specifically tailored state-approved childcare training and certification

Nanny Placement Rates

At Certified Nannies of America, we believe percentage-based fees can create conflict when finding the perfect nanny for your family. This is why we take a different approach by offering flat rate referral fees and waive all application & interview fees. This allows families to hire a nanny without ever having to worry about hidden or inflated rates. When you hire a nanny through Certified Nannies of America, you know exactly how much you’re paying, and it never fluctuates with the nanny’s income.

Salary for a Certified Nanny ranges from $15.00-$20.00 per hour, and $20.00-$25.00 for a Certified Newborn Care Specialist.

The placement fee (aka: agency finder’s fee) is due to Certified Nannies of America immediately after you’ve hired your nanny.

Nanny Fee Details

Our Certified Nannies and Certified Newborn Care Specialists are educated, trained, and certified to provide an exciting, visionary and protected environment. We take pride in our certification program and look forward to finding the perfect candidate for your family.


It’s Simple!

1. First determine the amount of hours needed

Full-time: For families needing 30 hours or more of nanny service per week.

Part-time: For families needing 25 hours or less of nanny service per week.


2. Next, decide on the term

Long-term: For families that are looking to hire a nanny for 6months+

Temporary: For families looking to hire a nanny for 1-3months. (Example: Summer break, Winter vacation or when they need extra coverage for an extended period.)


3. Then, choose the type of placement

Live-out Nanny: For families that are looking to hire a nanny that is currently living in the Las Vegas area, but will commute to the families home for work.

Live-in Nanny: For families looking to hire a Certified Nanny to reside in the families home. Live-in nannies are provided their own bedroom and are typically paid an agreed weekly salary.


4. Lastly, Complete the online form

Additional Services

Hotel Babysitting: for guests visiting “Fabulous Las Vegas” that are in need of professional in-room Hotel Childcare.

On-call Nanny: For locals looking for occasional date night babysitting, backup care or other professional (in-your-home) babysitting services.


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