(A residential babysitting service for Las Vegas & Henderson locals)

Do you need a reliable babysitter to watch your children while you enjoy a special night out? Or maybe your child woke up with a fever but you don’t have any backup childcare, which means you have to miss another day of work. Certified Nannies of America can help!

3-step process for reserving your nanny

Step 1 - Make your Booking

Fill out our secure form or call 702.556.3998

Step 2 - Pay

Secure the booking by making a payment for the first 4 hours of your babysitting service

Step 3 - Confirm

You'll receive an email with your on call nanny's resume and picture.

“ We offer a special on-call nanny service for local families living in Las Vegas, Henderson and the surrounding areas. With our nannies on the job, you can confidently attend that meeting or enjoy that much needed date night knowing that your children are in good hands. “

Your child(ren) will have a blast!
While you’re away, your nanny will care for your children. Our on-call nannies always bring a variety of fun games and activities to enjoy together. Or, if you prefer, our nannies can guide your children through their regular routine including activities such as homework, eating dinner and heading off to bed. Let us know what your needs are, and we’ll do our best to help.

Rest assured that our on-call nannies are trained and skilled at choosing age-appropriate activities. Also, they are prepared to handle any difficult situations that may come up such as separation anxiety, disagreements between siblings and more.

How to request for Babysitting Services

We recognize the opportunity to build a lasting relationship with our clients, especially those who live nearby. For this reason, we offer special affordable rates for Las Vegas area locals!

As busy parents, we know you have a lot going on. The last thing you need is a complicated process for booking your babysitting service. We’ve made an easy to follow, 3-step process for reserving your nanny. You can find the 3-step process below or click here to reserve your on-call nanny now.

3-step process for reserving your nanny

3 Step Booking

After booking, we’ll send you the details about the Certified Nanny who will look after your children. Included in this information are a photo and resume so that you can easily recognize your nanny when they arrive. You’ll also be able to familiarize yourself with the nanny’s experience and ask any questions ahead of time.

Why Choose Certified Nannies of America For Your Las Vegas Babysitting Needs?

Because we care about the safety and well-being of your little ones, we carefully handpick only the most experienced and educated nannies to join our nanny team. Unlike most nanny agencies in Las Vegas, we focus more on the quality of our nannies and less on the quantity. As a result, our nannies can form a special bond with our clients and their children.

Before we accept any nannies, we put them through our rigorous 20-step screening and evaluation process. Upon completing the 20-step process, our nannies must then go through our educational training and certification course before they can accept any hotel babysitting or on-call babysitting jobs. Once our nannies have completed our training and certification program, they have learned the most important skills that we believe all nannies in Las Vegas should have.

Here are the top three reasons you should pick our nannies:
• They have experience. All of our nannies have a minimum of 3 years of experience working with kids and undergo a rigorous screening process. They have also completed a state approved childcare training.
• Safety is one of our top concerns. We require Pediatric and Adult CPR, First Aid and AED certificates for our nannies, including our hotel nannies and on-call nannies.
• Our nannies are fun! They plan and prepare age-appropriate games and activities to do with your children so that your child isn’t sitting around watching TV all day. In fact, we even discourage “TV time” while our nannies are babysitting, unless requested by the parent.

*. Cancellations received after the 48hrs advance deadline will receive a refund less $99 cancellation fee for each day booked.
You must call the CNoA office at 702-556-3998 for cancellation requests.



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