If you’re working as a professional nanny in the Las Vegas area, you’ve probably heard rumors about our incredible nanny team. We DO have an incredible nanny team! That’s because we are extremely careful with who we choose to represent us and bring on only the most experienced, educated and passionate nannies to our team!
In fact, we even add to your education by providing you with a nanny certification program. Our intense 20-step background screening and evaluation process help us to determine whether you would be a good fit for the team or not.

Upon completing our mandatory certification program, you will be well prepared to assist our clients and their little one(s). The coursework focuses on specific tools that we believe are necessary to be successful in this honorable profession.
We strive in finding prospective nannies who have a passion for nurturing children and want to challenge them to become the best person they can be. Your certification lasts a lifetime and so will the experiences you encounter throughout your time as a Certified Nanny.

….”Our mission is to educate, train and certify our nannies to be successful caregivers and to unite them with conscientious and loving families. “

The Placement Process

Call Us: The first thing you’ll need to do is call our office and ask to speak with a Placement Representative. The representative will ask you questions regarding your nanny experience, education, background, and certifications. You will also need to answer a few “general” questions so that we can send you the Nanny application.

Submit Application: You will need to complete our on-line nanny application. This will be sent to you AFTER you have spoken to a Placement Representative.

Review Application: Your application will be reviewed for provisional acceptance into the agency. If accepted, we will contact you to arrange an in-person interview with you.

Agency Interview: During the interview, you’ll be asked various questions related to your application and your experiences as a nanny/newborn care specialist. This step allows us to get to know you a little better.

Certifications and Documents: Submit copies of all required documents.

Enrollment Procedures and Training: A one-time, non-refundable$50 enrollment fee fee for your training is required. A representative will contact you to discuss the training process with you.

Client Interviews: Once you have completed the training, you will be able to work as a Certified Nanny, or Certified Newborn Care Specialist, through CNoA!

*To work for us as a Certified Newborn Care Specialist (CNCS), in addition to completing our training program, the applicant must also have proof of their NCS certification.*
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You must first be accepted into the agency and complete our specifically selected state approved childcare training, before being allowed to interview with any potential clients or work as an on-call nanny/hotel nanny through CNoA.

Certified Nannies of America, is a nanny placement agency located in The District Shopping Center at Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, NV. If accepted into our agency, you will be required to complete our mandatory training and certification classes. Once you have earned your certifications and have submitted all required documents, you will be ready to work as a Certified Nanny or Certified Newborn Care Specialist through Certified Nannies of America.
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