5 Tips for Choosing a Nanny Who’s a Perfect Fit

5 Tips for Choosing a Nanny Who’s a Perfect Fit

5 Tips for Choosing a Nanny Who’s a Perfect Fit

Choosing a new nanny or babysitter to work in your home can be a challenge. How do you know that the person you’re hoping to hire will do a good job? Will they get along well with your kids? How do you know if someone is a perfect fit?

While it may seem intimidating to choose a nanny to take care of your newborn or older kid(s), it’s possible to get the job done and enjoy a great outcome! Here are our tips for choosing the perfect fit for a part-time or full-time nanny:

Check Background and References

The most important part about hiring a nanny is making sure that the one you pick is a safe choice. Get all of the necessary criminal background checks and references so that you know your potential nanny passes the safety test. Call references to get others’ perspectives on how well the nanny performed in the past. This can also help you gain insight into the nanny’s style and how they work.

Check Education and Training

While not essential, it’s ideal if your nanny has a background in childcare, psychology or education. This type of academic background can really support your nanny in their everyday work and also show you that they’re professionally committed as a nanny. Nanny or babysitting training is also ideal in candidates that don’t have a degree in a related field. Other trainings like CPR and First Aid are also great. Although no parent hopes that the nanny will have to use these skills, it will give you peace of mind knowing that your nanny is prepared for anything.

Do an Interview

You need to get to know your potential candidates in person. So, do your homework and prepare for an interview. You can ask lots of questions during the interview. Include some “What ifs…?” Like, “What if my child falls and hits her head?” or “What if my child throws a huge tantrum, how do you react?”

During the interview, pay attention to how you feel about the communication. Things should feel comfortable. After all, your nanny will not only have to look after your kids but talk with you about your child’s activities, behavior, discuss caregiving preferences and more! Make sure that you are able to enjoy a fluid conversation.

Do a Test Run

Arrange a time so that your child or children can interact with the nanny. While you can’t predict how their relationship will develop, you can get an idea if it’s off to a good start. The nanny and child should both appear comfortable.

What Does Your Child Need?

When hiring a nanny, it’s good to keep in mind what your kid(s) are like and if they have any specific needs or interests. For example, your child may be a budding musician. Look for a nanny with a background in music. Or, you may have a child who’s a hopeful soccer star. Perhaps you meet a potential nanny who played soccer in high school. Finding those little connections can make for a wonderful relationship between your child and nanny.

Finding the perfect nanny can take some time, but when you find the perfect fit, it’s all worth it! A nanny is like a new member of the family and will make life much easier for you and your children.

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