The Ultimate Gift List for Kids of All Ages

The Ultimate Gift List for Kids of All Ages

With the holidays just around the corner, all parent’s minds are on gifts for their kids. While some children quickly make their wishes known, others are more difficult to buy for. What do you get a child who seems to have everything?

Gift Guide for Children this Christmas

The answer may be right under your nose. Here’s the ultimate gift list that will give you the inspiration you need to make faces light up on Christmas morning!

1. Subscriptions

There’s nothing quite as exciting as getting something in the mail. Give your child this gift by signing them up for a subscription to a magazine. For little ones, Highlights is a great choice. Have a nature lover? National Geographic also has a magazine for kids. Older children may prefer the adult National Geographic magazine. Other categories of magazines include gaming, sports, history, and more!

Not into magazines? There are plenty of subscription boxes that send everything from science experiments to crafts, geography exploration activities, and more. Older children and teens may enjoy cook, coding, and technology subscription boxes.

2. Season Tickets

Have a sports fan in your house? Or a budding musician? Purchase season tickets to your local sports team’s games and you’ll enjoy the Christmas gift for months. You could also consider purchasing season orchestra tickets, or becoming members of your local theatre and promising to go to a few shows throughout the year.

3. A Date

Plan a perfect date for your kid! Your child may relish in the chance to spend some time with you, away from siblings and other family members. For example, you might go out for a special dessert date and go to the movies together. You could also go roller skating, bowling or book a horseback riding date.

Alternatively, you could plan a date for your child and a few of their friends, if that’s more their style. From amusement park passes to tickets to see a favorite band in concert, find something that fits your child’s interests.

4. A Vacation

If you really want to go all out, plan a vacation to somewhere of interest to your child. Does your child love dinosaurs? Plan a visit to a city with great museums featuring dinosaurs and enjoy a few visits. Have an outdoors fanatic? Plan a special camping trip later on in the year complete with ranger-guided nature walks, rafting, and swimming. History buff? Plan a trip to Williamsburg! Basically, take your child’s interests and turn them into a several day trip that everyone can enjoy. Allow your child to take the lead during the vacation, choosing what to have for meals and what activities to do.

5. Membership

Get your child a membership pass to a local museum, amusement park, ski lodge, or zoo. Then, make multiple visits throughout the year. With a membership, you can even have your nanny or babysitter make trips to the institution with your child. Of course, it’s also a great excuse to spend lots of quality family time together while also doing something your child enjoys.

You may have noticed that all of these gift ideas are focused on experiences rather than things. This way, you can create memories your child will cherish for a lifetime.

In conclusion

You might worry about how to give these gifts to your child. Get creative! Put together a few items in a box or bag that show what the gift is. You might include photos, a suggested itinerary, or a small gift that your child might use while doing the activity. For example, new socks to wear while bowling or skating, binoculars to use while on vacation, or a notebook to draw pictures while in the museum, etc.

So, enjoy this season of giving with these creative, easy to love gifts.

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