Get Kids to Eat Their Veggies…Secretly!

Get Kids to Eat Their Veggies

Kids can be very, and I mean very picky eaters. If something isn’t rainbow colored or covered in sugar, they are repulsed by it. Many will fight to the end to get their child to eat a broccoli floret, not plural, just one piece of broccoli PLEASE! But alas, the problem still resides on getting the little one to eat something healthily. Luckily, we have some tips for you that will trick your pickiest eater to eat a nutritious meal with these common vegetables.


Kids enjoy carrots. They will eat them raw or dip them in some ranch to mask the fluorescent colored veggie. But for those who don’t eat them, a huge problem arises. How can you disguise the carrot’s bright color into a dinner dish? We have found the easiest way to do so is by pureeing. When you do this, it is simpler to incorporate it into simple food recipes. Macaroni and cheese, spaghetti sauce, or meatloaf are all great ways to cloak the appearance and flavor of the carrot.


Just like carrots, this green colored veggie can be difficult to throw into any dish. Any kid sees the tree top of this vegetable, and that is the end of it, or so you thought. What if we told you that you could make tater tots with broccoli in them? This would be the perfect way to get covertly the picky ones to eat their ‘favorite snack’. This simple, easy recipe takes less than 30 minutes and will satisfy a hungry tummy.


A very subtle vegetable, cauliflower is one of the easiest veggies to transform into other foods. You can mostly convert cauliflower into one of your favorite starches such as rice or potatoes. A tasty side dish you can whip up using this albino broccoli is mashed potatoes! Cook and puree the florets then blend it in with the potatoes. A little salt, pepper, milk, and butter and you’ve got yourself something healthy that everyone will enjoy!

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