3 Tricks to Keep Kids Cool and Active in Nevada’s Hot Summers

3 Tricks to Keep Kids Cool and Active in Nevada’s Summers

Families living in Nevada know that summer equals heat. Children come in sweating after just a few minutes of playing outdoors. However, that doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to a summer of playing inside and watching movies. On those days when you haven’t planned an outing to the pool or your kids are whining about the heat, you need some creative ways to have fun, even when it’s 90 degrees. Here are 3 fun ways from Certified Nannies to keep cool and have fun with your kids in Nevada’s summers.

Homemade Popsicles

Try your hand at making your very own home-made popsicles! Mix fresh fruit and yogurt or a splash of water in the blender. Add sugar to taste. Pop in whole pieces of fresh fruit for a fun effect. Then freeze them in small containers, an ice cube tray or a popsicle mold. Don’t forget to add the popsicle sticks! Get your children involved in the process of cutting fruit, blending and pouring the popsicles. Once they’re frozen, send your kids outdoors to a shady area to enjoy their treat.

Water Olympics

Organize a water Olympics! Perfect for just a few children or a whole party, choose from the games below and you’ll have hours of good, cool fun for a hot Nevada’s summers.

The Frozen T-Shirt Challenge

Dunk as many t-shirts in water as there will be participants. Wring them out and fold them neatly. Then, put them in the freezer until frozen. Have a race to see which child can get the frozen t-shirt on first!

Water Relay

Good old water relays! Set up two buckets, one empty and one full of water, about 20 feet apart from each other. You’ll need this setup for each team participating. Using a cup, each team must move the water from one bucket to the other. The catch? They have to balance the cup on their head to reach the empty bucket. Only one child? Time them to see how fast they can do it!

Jump Rope Splash

Have two children swing the jump rope while a third jumps. However, in this variation, the child jumping must hold a full cup of water! See who can complete the most successive jumps! Other staples like a water balloon toss can also be added to your Olympics that will most certainly end with the children soaked and laughing.

Ice Excavation in the Shade

Create a shady fort using old bedsheets, clothesline and whatever else you have available at home. For extra fun, freeze a few small plastic toys into a chunk of ice and set up an ice excavation in the fort. Provide children with spoons, water, and droppers to work on discovering what’s inside! When spending time outdoors, especially in the heat and sun, do remember to use sunscreen and make sure your children are well-hydrated. Although the heat can seem unbearable at times, by using these tricks, you’ll find it’s still possible to enjoy plenty of time outdoors with your children this summer.

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