Why Hire a Summer Nanny?

Why Hire a Summer Nanny?

Why Hire a Summer Nanny?

Why Hire a Summer Nanny?

Summertime brings images of kids playing by the pool, downing popsicles and vacations to a cabin. The kids are free of the responsibilities associated with the school year. They’re free to relax, play outside, read books, watch movies and snack all day long.

Unfortunately, this carefree schedule doesn’t appear for most adults. That means you’re stuck with enrolling your kids in summer camps and activities or find childcare elsewhere. Hiring a nanny for the summer could be the perfect solution! Whether you prefer a part-time nanny or a full-time arrangement, a summer nanny could be the perfect childcare solution for your family over the summer. Here are 5 reasons to consider this great option:


Nannies are much more flexible than daycare programs and summer camps. A part-time nanny can come for the hours you need help with. You can plan vacations in advance so that your nanny is aware. In addition, you can talk with your nanny about dropping older children off at programs and camps while taking care of younger ones. Or, have the nanny take the kids to the zoo or the pool for the day! The flexibility of having a summer nanny means your children’s summertime plans are limitless.

Built-In Tutoring

Worried about losing reading skills over the summer? Ask your nanny to work on reading each day with your child. Your nanny may even have a background in education and be able to help your kids stay sharp over the summer through fun activities.

Personalized Care

With a nanny, your kid(s) will get lots of attention. Most daycares and camps have a ratio of about 1 adult to 10 kids, which means your child won’t get that one on one attention. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, there’s something comforting and more relaxing about fewer kids in the care of an adult. Your kids will feel more at ease and be able to have more choice over their everyday activities.


There’s nothing like not having to drag kids out of bed, feed them and send them with lunch off to camp. With your summer nanny, your kids can sleep in and the nanny can even help them get breakfast when they wake up! You’ll be off to work without worrying about the kids and your kids will have a break from the stress of getting out of the house on time.

A Care-free Summer for Everyone

Having a summer nanny will be easier for both you and your kids. Because your nanny will customize activities and plans to your kids’ preferences and schedule, they’ll feel well taken-care of. The parents also have an easier time as they don’t have to shuttle their kids around to summer activities, camps and childcare.

Make the most of your summer by hiring a summer nanny! With this service, you can rest assured that your kids will make the most of their summer and you’ll cut yourself a break too.

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