Why Hire a Newborn Care Specialist Over a Babysitter?

Why Hire a Newborn Care Specialist Over a Babysitter

Why Hire a Newborn Care Specialist Over a Babysitter

When you have a newborn, it can be difficult to imagine leaving your bundle of joy with someone else. However, whether you need to go back to work, attend a meeting or simply take a break for yourself, you’ll eventually need to consider your childcare options. Your first instinct is probably to search for a local babysitter. But, is this the best choice for your child? Many nanny service companies like Certified Nannies of America offer newborn care specialists in addition to general babysitters. Is it worth it to find this kind of specialized caregiver? Here are 5 reasons why you should hire a newborn care specialist over a generic babysitter:

Expert Care

Caring for a newborn is not the same as caring for an older baby or child. Even simple things such as placing a newborn down to sleep, diapering, bathing and bottle preparation, and cleaning require special knowledge to make sure that the newborn is safe and happy. Newborn care specialists are experienced and trained in all of these areas and more. Because of their extensive knowledge, they are able to offer expert care beyond what a regular babysitter provides.

Support for You

Newborn care specialists have spent a lot of time studying the best practices in newborn care, how newborns behave, and how to encourage good sleeping and eating patterns and more. When you have questions about caring for your newborn, your caregiver can often help with advice and suggestions based on their training and experience.

Newborns run into a range of issues that can be challenging for new parents such as colic, illness, trouble sleeping, and reflux, among other issues. Your newborn care specialist may be able to help you address these issues with techniques and advice.

Peace of Mind

There’s nothing that compares to the peace of mind you’ll have when hiring a newborn care specialist over a general babysitter. While babysitters may be wonderful, they don’t always have the experience and knowledge specific to newborns that really make a difference in the quality of care and safety.

When you hire a newborn care specialist, you’ll know that your professional specialist will know how to handle any situation that may arise while you’re gone.


Our newborn care specialists must be certified in pediatric CPR, first aid and AED. Furthermore, specialists know infant specific care techniques to ensure safety such as maintaining a safe sleeping environment, how to hold the baby and techniques such as burping and rocking the baby to sleep.

Certified Nannies of America’s Intense Screening and Evaluation

In addition to training and certifications, all of our nannies must pass a 20 step screening and evaluation process that includes letters of recommendation, background checks, drug testing and more.

If you have a newborn and require childcare services, we recommend you opt for a newborn care specialist. Nothing is more important than the safety and well-being of your child. Make sure that your child receives the expert care of a newborn nanny.
Certified Nannies of America is a nanny agency in Las Vegas. We offer experts in newborn care as well as excellent babysitters. Contact us today to hire your nanny!

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