What Is It Like to Work with a Live-In Nanny?

What Is It Like to Work with a Live-In Nanny

What Is It Like to Work with a Live-In Nanny

You quickly grab your bag, child and your child’s things, rush to the care and buckle in. On your way to drop your child off at daycare, you realize you forgot to pack an extra pair of clothes. You drop your child off anyway, but when you get to work, you realize you forgot an important report at home on the counter.
Conventional childcare at a daycare can be wonderful, but it’s also often stressful. However, luckily, there are many other solutions that can make your life and your child’s life much more pleasant. One of these great options is working with a live-in nanny. Have you ever wondered what it’s like? Here’s what you need to know:

Zero Stress

Eliminate the rush to get your child off to daycare and bring them home. This daily struggle is not only stressful for you, but also for your child. With a live-in nanny, your child can sleep in in the morning or wake up early as they please, and your nanny will be right there to care for them. This can help ensure that your child’s needs are met and reduce your stress level significantly.

A New Family Member

When your nanny lives in your home, they become part of the family. This means that your nanny will get to know your kids well. As a result, they’ll be able to meet their needs such as food preferences when eating lunch, prepare activities based on their interests and offer superior care. Your kids will feel completely comfortable with your nanny because of the close relationship they’ll be able to develop. This means that you’ll have peace of mind every day when you leave your child in your live-in nanny’s care.


Do you have an ever changing schedule? With a live-in nanny, it’s easy for your nanny to adjust to your needs. For those hectic mornings, your nanny can be up with your early rising child while you get ready for work in peace. Want a date night out? Organize it with your live-in nanny and eliminate the scramble for a last-minute babysitter. Of course, communication is key because your nanny will require some time off as well. But, a live-in nanny means it’s much easier to organize your life knowing that you have a great support right there in your home.

Reduce Sick Days

With a live-in nanny, your child won’t be exposed to as many outside illnesses they may otherwise contract from daycare. That means that you won’t have to miss work or organize last minute care for your sick child that will cost you on top of your daycare expenses. On the contrary, having a live-in nanny means that your nanny will be ready to care for your sick child whenever necessary and can even go along to doctor’s visits so that they fully understand the care your child requires, including medications. Working with a live-in nanny is a wonderful experience for your family. It will make things for you and your child much easier and stable as you manage your busy life.

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