FREE Thanksgiving Printables For the Children to Enjoy!

image of a child in a pumpkin patch

With all the festivities in the air, you want the children to stay busy while you do some grocery shopping. We’ve come up with the following worksheets to do just that! Print these for them to have hours of fun!

Thanksgiving Fun For the Children!



Parents have asked us if there’s any way they can keep the kids calm while enjoying the holidays. The answer is, yes! There are tons of ways to keep them occupied without driving yourself crazy. Because the holidays are all about family fun, we decided to make these worksheets just for you all! There’s nothing like brainteasers like these that will have them enjoy the holiday while learning something fun at the same time.

Of course, we want everyone to have a good time during the holidays, so don’t forget to include them in all your gatherings. Perhaps, you can all sit at the dinner table and talk about what you’re thankful for this year. This time of the year is about family bonding as you wrap up the year with good cheer.

Don’t hesitate to get your children involved in all your dinner preparations. Children love helping their parents as it gives them time to bond with you. For example, if you’re making pumpkin pie, maybe you can have them help you mix the batter. That way, they’ll feel like they contributed to the meal, and that’s one extra task you didn’t have to worry about.

Need more things to do for the fall season? Try reading them these awesome books. It’s also helpful to let them know more about the importance of this season.

Above all, think about this season as the time to be together! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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