7 Signs of A Good Nanny/Babysitter

7 Signs of A Good Nanny:Babysitter

How do you know your nanny is a keeper? The best nannies and babysitters in Las Vegas have some characteristics in common. Don’t doubt your gut, but here are some signs you have the perfect fit in a nanny for your family:

7 Signs Your Nanny is Perfect

1. Your Kids Love Her

When you have a good nanny, your children will talk about her (or him) in a positive light nonstop. “Karina says scorpions sleep during the daytime,” or “Dave likes strawberry ice cream,” will pepper your everyday conversations.

Their eyes will light up when your nanny arrives or they’ll show excitement when you tell them the babysitter is coming over.

2. She Comes Prepared

A good nanny or babysitter comes ready to play and engage your kids with interesting, educational and fun activities. When you ask your kids what they did all day, they won’t say watch TV or play online, they’ll talk about walks, art projects, science experiments, and more! Whether your nanny plays pretend, gets out your stash of board games or brings other fun activities to try, your kids will enjoy wholesome activities with your babysitter.

3. She Communicates

Did your nanny forget to tell you your child vomited while they were in her care? Communication about your child’s health, emotions and other events is essential for you to have a good relationship with your nanny. A good nanny will keep you informed on the day to day happenings so that you’re always up to date on how your child is doing. Even if this is a written report, text or email rather than in person, communication matters.

4. Safety Matters

A good nanny will always put safety first. That means using car seats properly when driving and making an effort to keep your child safe at all times. The occasional accident or fall with kids is understandable. But, your nanny should be vigilant that basic precautions are used such as wearing bike helmets and holding hands to cross the street, etc.

5. Clean Up Matters

You want your kids to grow up to be responsible and hygienic. That means your nanny works with your child to ensure that standards in cleanliness are enforced. From washing hands before eating to cleaning up toys after playing, your nanny will help you in achieving this goal with your child.

6. She Problem-Solves

Rather than call you for advice in every situation, your nanny will problem solve. For example, your child has a melt-down because their favorite sippy cup is lost. Your nanny should be able to field this difficult moment without your help.

7. She’s Responsible

A great nanny or babysitter arrives on time and completes all items on your child’s to-do list such as eating dinner, brushing teeth and doing homework.

When you’ve found a good nanny, hang on to her (or him!). Make sure that you communicate clearly and regularly about the job so that you can make sure that both of you are happy with the arrangement.

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