Hacks to Make Bedtime Easy

Hacks to Make Bedtime Easy

Most kids hate bedtime. You were always afraid of missing something fun or exciting, more importantly, you wanted to stay awake with the adults! As an adult you can’t wait to go to bed every night, however, now your little ones are beginning the same rebellious stage of anti-bedtime. You’ve tried everything from bribing to continuously putting them back into their bed despite the tantrums. But don’t feel like you’ve run out of options; we have some tips to make the bedtime process easier for your child and yourself.


Whatever time you finish eating dinner, immediately have your child go and put on their PJs. There are two reasons to do this. When dinner time is over, your kids know there is still time to play in the night before the dreaded bedtime. If you have them dress in their pajamas, they won’t think anything of it because it isn’t time for bed yet. This will also eliminate the before bed struggle of announcing the end of the day and getting the kids to start the bedtime routine.


Kids love to take baths! It is a time for them to get naked, splash in bubbles, and play with toys. But what they see as playtime, you can take advantage of as preparing for bed. Getting the kids clean and all washed up from a long day of playing will make them feel refreshed and relaxed. However if your child is one to get riled up in the water, consider using a nighttime bubble bath. These products will help soothe and calm your child during tub time and make falling asleep easier when the time comes.

Bedtime Stories

This one works almost every-time! Giving your child time to unwind without them realizing it is the greatest technique. Start by letting them choose two books to be read to them that night. By doing this, you eliminate the argument later about ‘one more book’. As you read, the book has your child lay down but still allow them to see the pictures and follow along. By the second book, your child should be tuckered out and ready for bed!

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