How to Get the Kids Outside and Active

How to Get the Kids Outside and Active

Getting any kid to go outside nowadays is tough. Technology has consumed their brains and has drained them of energy. They are so focused on the screens in front of them; they don’t want to explore the real world. But thanks to you, you are aware of this problem and want to do something to fix it! It is important that a child gets at least 60 minutes of physical activity. This not only helps keep them healthy and fit but helps with their brain development.
You don’t have to worry about spending buckets of money either! There are plenty of activities that your child can participate all for less than a dollar! We made a list of things for your child to get out of the house and be active.

Hop Scotch

A classic game that any kid can play, hopscotch is an excellent way to be creative and active. You can create the vintage ten square obstacles, or have the kids create their own!

Jumping Rope

Dollar stores carry jump ropes for, yes a dollar! Kids can play with this for hours with competitions on who can jump the longest or who can create the coolest jump rope tricks. If they are feeling risky, try double dutch!


On a hot summer day, anyone would rather stay indoors. Take advantage of your community pool and take a dip! Make a day out of it, bring a packed lunch and pool toys!

Bubble Blowing

Every kid loves to blow bubbles. Trying to blow the biggest one is fun in itself. You don’t even have to buy bubbles, try making them at home!


Playing with friends is always a fun time! Encourage your kids to invite some of the neighborhood kids to play outside. A game of tag in the front or backyard is a great way to get the community together and be active.

Bike Ride

If the bikes in the garage are collecting some dust, maybe it’s time to dust them off and give them a whirl around the block! This is a fun activity for the whole family to get outside and spend time with one another.

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