Certified nannies of america - CEO - Jeannesa ZiporiJeanessa Zipori is the co-founder and CEO of Certified Nannies of America. As a professional nanny working for high profile families in the Las Vegas area, Jeanessa recognized that there was a demand and need for educated, screened, Certified Nannies. As a result, she opened a nanny placement agency in Henderson, NV that trains and certifies their nannies before placing them to work in the field.

Originally from Ohio, Jeanessa’s interest in children began when she worked as a babysitter during her high school years. Then, she pursued a degree in Early Childhood Education at Pioneer Career Technology Center where she graduated in 2006. She furthered her professional skills and abilities to work with children at a professional nanny school, where she graduated in 2010. Upon graduating, she was immediately hired to her first job as a professional nanny in Las Vegas. Since then, she has worked as a professional nanny with several families, including a few high-profile families. Her seven years of professional nannying experience have provided her with considerable expertise in the industry and a deep understanding of the needs that families have when searching for a nanny.

As a nanny, Jeanessa is truly dedicated to the families she provides services for. What she loves most about her role is forming a unique bond with the children with whom she works. She strives to prepare fun and exciting activities to do with the children she spends time with every day. Using her academic background in childhood education, Jeanessa incorporates research-backed techniques and practices into her work with children.

Now, in her role at Certified Nannies of America, Jeanessa endeavors to instill the most important skills and characteristics nannies need in her trainees. From the necessary background knowledge such as understanding childhood development and social and communication skills to how to planning fun and educational activities with children, Certified Nannies know it all. Certified Newborn Care Specialists undergo additional training to prepare them to handle the unique needs of infants with ease. Recognizing the need that families have to feel secure and safe with their childcare providers, Jeanessa developed a thorough checklist of screening requirements all Certified Nannies must meet. As the main contact for parents in need of childcare services, Jeanessa finds a perfect nanny match for each family that contacts her for nannying services.

From her home base where she lives with her husband, in Las Vegas, Jeanessa participates in a variety of sports such as hiking, heated yoga, pilates, barre and kayaking. She brings out her artistic side when doing acrylic painting. In addition, Jeanessa has a great love for animals. This love led her to participate in a volunteer position working with dogs at the animal shelter. Jeanessa also has an adventuresome side. Some of her most exciting experiences have included skydiving, snorkeling and white-water rafting.

Jeanessa’s number one passion is providing high-quality, trust-worthy nannies to visitors and residents of Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. We invite you to contact Certified Nannies of America today and find out why we’re setting the standard for professional Certified Nannies and Certified Newborn Care Specialists in the United States.


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