Why Hiring a Nanny Might Make You a Better Parent

hiring a nanny to take care of a child

Aren’t the best parents the ones who are always with their children? No. Not necessarily. While we wouldn’t ever advocate for not spending time with your kids, there are times that taking a break from them can improve your ability to parent.

If you usually spend time with your kids every day, we encourage you to hire a nanny or babysitter and take that evening off. Why? It will make you a better parent. Here’s how:

You Can’t Pour from an Empty Cup

This metaphor suggests that you can’t meet your child’s needs if your own needs aren’t met. It’s hard to be cheerful and enjoy a good laugh with your kids if you’re grouchy, tired and haven’t enjoyed some time to yourself. We know you love your kids, you adore them! But sometimes it’s emotionally and physically exhausting to keep up with their energy levels.

Fill your cup by taking some time to participate in an activity you enjoy. Go to the movies. Have a date night. Go to the coffee shop or a bookstore…without kids in tow! This will help you refresh yourself and gain more energy to enjoy your kids again when you get back.

You Set a Good Example

We teach our kids best by modeling. You can show your child that you value your spouse by going on date nights. This demonstrates how a healthy relationship works. You can also show your child that self-care and spending time on things you enjoy is important. By devoting time to yourself, your hobbies and interests, you can encourage your child to develop a healthy work-life balance as they grow.

Better Mood = Happier Kids

If you’re in a good mood, your kids are more likely to be in a good mood. Even if you’re getting along just fine with your kids, if you’re tense or stressed about your job or another issue, they’re going to feel it. Taking a break can give you a small lift that will allow you to come back and offer a more light-hearted environment.

Build Independence

Your children can develop important life skills while spending time away from you. With new people such as a babysitter, your child has the chance to practice their social skills with a new person. In addition, your little ones will enjoy being the leader for the babysitter in some ways. They’re the ones who know where things are at home and will love showing the babysitter around.

Hiring a nanny or babysitter occasionally is simply a healthy thing to do for yourself and for your kids. Whether you work outside the home or are a dedicated homemaker, you deserve a break after those long hours you put in. Nurture yourself so that you can nurture your little ones and give them the best side of you.

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