Certified Nanny/Babysitter or Daycare?

certified nanny babysitter or daycare

When you’re looking for childcare options, there are only a few options. If you don’t have a willing relative or another parent you can swap childcare with, you’re left with two options: daycare or hiring a nanny or babysitter. How can you make the decision between these two alternatives? While every family has their own unique needs and considerations, there are certainly some advantages to hiring a certified nanny or babysitter overusing a daycare center.


There’s nothing that equals the convenience of a part-time or full-time nanny who arrives at your home to take care of your children. This avoids the trouble of having to drag your young children out of bed and get them ready for daycare. Instead, you can enjoy your own morning routine and head out to work or other activities on time without the stress of dropping the kids off.

Meanwhile, your children can have a more leisurely morning. Because the childcare takes place in your home, you won’t have to pack snacks or lunches either! Your certified babysitter can prepare healthy snacks and lunches in your home.

Fewer Chances of Getting Sick

One of the main concerns at daycare centers is that your child could contract illnesses from the other children. In addition, many daycare centers may not allow you to send your sick child to the center, meaning you’ll have to pay extra for a babysitter or miss a day of work. When you work with a nanny agency, you’ll never have these problems as your nanny will arrive whether or not your kids have a cold. In addition, there won’t be other kids around that will bring in germs that can make your child sick.

Low Child-Caregiver Ratios

When you hire a nanny, your children are the only ones the nanny will have to worry about. That means your children will receive plenty of one-on-one attention. The chances of your child being neglected are next to none with a certified nanny. This is especially important for newborns and children in diapers. You won’t want them waiting around for a change. With a nanny, your child will receive the attention and care they deserve.

Less Overwhelming

Daycare can be overstimulating and overwhelming for some children. The number of children and the amount of activity going on can be too much on some days. With a babysitter in your home, you can avoid this struggle. Your child can take things at their own pace. On days they feel up to it, your nanny can take your child to a local park or library where they can interact with other children.

Tailored Activities

When you hire a nanny from Certified Nannies of America, you can count on your nanny to prepare age-appropriate activities. As your nanny gets to know your child and their preferences, the activities will be even more tailored to their needs and interests.
Certified Nannies of America offers a range of nanny services in Las Vegas.

Whether you need a newborn care specialist, part-time nanny, full-time nanny or live-in nanny, we can accommodate your needs. With our rigorous certification process, you can be sure that your Las Vegas babysitter or nanny will meet the highest standards in childcare. Choose a nanny over daycare for peace of mind, convenience, and high-quality care. Contact us today to discuss your needs!

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