Halloween Scavenger Hunt Checklist

Image of a Halloween Scavenger hunt checklist.

Image of a Halloween Scavenger hunt checklist.

Fall Is Here!

No, we’re not done talking about Halloween! It’s seriously one of the best things that people celebrate. And dressing up like a pirate, Frankenstein or even a witch is beyond words! We mean, dressing up like anything super quirky has got our votes any day. The idea of coming up with a costume is fun, and it lets you get super creative! Who doesn’t like creativity?

So, as another way to celebrate Halloween, we decided to come up with this Halloween scavenger hunt checklist! Remember from that bucket list that we made last Monday? Well, here is an addition to help you guys finish that list!

We did this activity a couple of days ago, and it was fun as it got the children moving around and helping together find the stuff in the checklist. There was nothing but laughter and excitement in the air that day so we thought we’d share this with you!

Feel free to add more on the checklist to make it extra fun! Don’t be afraid to improvise! Also, we thought the following activities might be helpful too:

Pumpkin Decoration

Whether it is carving your pumpkins or paint on them, make sure to get creative. Have all your supplies ready and create something they’ll never forget.

Make Costumes

Whether it’s a bumblebee or a Disney character, have their imagination run wild. What are some things they already have to incorporate with their costume? And what are some things they have to buy at the store? If you’re feeling super crafty, try designing and sewing with them. The point is making the whole thing fun for them. They can even be their little helpers!

Decorate Your Home Inside and Out

One of the most enjoyable parts about Halloween is the preparation. The children loved putting all the decorations up from the spider webs to placing the pumpkins all over the home. It was so fun seeing them get so creative and wild up about everything.

What else are you all doing for Halloween this year?

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