8 Easy to Make Halloween Costumes

8 Easy to Make Halloween Costumes

If there’s any season that is worth highlighting, it is fall! With Halloween just around the corner, it’s a reason to spend time with the kids and make costumes! So, we’ve curated eight costumes that your children will love that’s both easy in your pocket and SUPER easy to make!

1. No-Sew Bee Costume

This no-sew costume is too cool; we’re wondering why we didn’t think of it in the first place. This one is an easy project to make that will leave your kids buzzing for more! (via: Ginger Snap Crafts)

2. Sushi Roll

Okay, perhaps witches and ghosts don’t float your boat. Instead, dress up into your favorite food! This may look hard to make but don’t let it deceive you! (via: Style Me Pretty)

3. Snail

Not just your typical snail, but a super stylish one. Get your cameras ready because this one looks both fashionable and adorable at the same time. Leave the mess of wigs and face painting as this costume is literally completed with the backpack. (via: Oh Happy Day)

4. Crazy Cat Lady


Okay, we have to admit that this one is brilliant! Just sew on your favorite cat plushies, and you’re ready to go! (via: Crafty Morning)

5. Last Minute Skeleton

Making Haloween costumes just got a lot easier with these cutout skeletons! Just wear all black and glue them on. But seriously, if you want something easy and spooky, this passed our book! (via: Red Ted Art)

6. Minions

Making the hat is probably the most “difficult” part in this adorable costume. And let’s face it, Despicable Me’s minions are still a thing right now. (via: Wine and Glue)

7. Sadness from Disney’s Inside Out

If you haven’t seen Inside Out just yet, you must! Because Sadness is one of the cutest characters in the Disney’s collection of adorable! To make this costume, you really just need five items which are the wig, face paint, lipstick, glasses, and sweater. (via: Love and Lion)

8. Princess Leia from Star Wars

They just made this costume super easy since you just need to make a hair bun and the light saber! Which side will you choose? (via: Buggy and Buddy)

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