Getting Your Children Involved For Thanksgiving

image of a child and a pumpkin

When you’re celebrating Thanksgiving with you children, what comes to mind? If you’re thinking about rounding up the kids at another table, you may want to rethink your plan. Children can find this time of the year enjoyable especially when you have fun things to do for them. So get creative and have them help you for your Thanksgiving dinner!

Make Preparations Fun By Getting Them Involved

Children are fond of helping adults in the kitchen. There are easy recipes that they can make under your directions. For example, letting them sprinkle bits of marshmallow over candied yams or letting them mash potatoes is one way to make it fun for them. Older children can have the privilege of checking the oven’s temperature every few minutes to secure that the turkey is not burning.

Letting them decorate the Thanksgiving dinner would be a great pleasure to them as they collaborate with one another. You can even make it as a team effort, so they have double the fun. This way, you’re less stressed about hosting the dinner party.

A Kid-Friendly Table

Teens can sit at the dinner table without a problem, but developing children may have a hard time sitting still. Have some crayons and coloring books for them to use. Still, this will only keep them at the dinner table for so long until they start squirming to leave. Do yourself a favor and excuse them. They’ll be happy that they’re free for play time and you’re less stressed about the situation.

Make Traditions To Do For Years To Come

Make something that the family will anticipate for every year. Maybe a football game would be something enjoyable for the family, or a pumpkin decorating contest! Perhaps doing activities that will help the children understand the true meaning of Thanksgiving would help as well.

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