6 Fun Board Games That Exercises Intelligence

6 Fun Board Games That Exercises Intelligence

Fun board games can get a bad rep to many parents as they’re considered a form of entertainment. Still, a good ole fun can never hurt anyone especially when they provide the brain a workout. Games that tend to stimulate the mind should be enforced to children because they’re fun and they improve intelligence. Nonetheless, we at Certified Nannies of America have provided a list of board games in the market that’s parent-approved and guaranteed fun.


In case you’ve never heard of this before, Scrabble aims to create words with the tiles available at hand. Often, those who play this game improve their vocabulary, and it helps develop strategy skills and creativity. For children, Scrabble is the perfect game that helps them with basic math and spelling.


Need we say more about this game? Chess is the most popular board game as it takes a long time to master. This strategy game represents warfare during medieval times. Some stimulated skills included with chess are the following:
– Raises IQ
– Assists in concentration
– Helps foresight
– Increases originality and creativity
– Enhances the left and right side of the brain


This is a classic in our book as Monopoly has captured the hearts of many families. Even though Monopoly revolves around sheer luck, it has some intellectual benefits rooted to it. When it comes to property management and acquisitions, every move can make or break you. Also, depending on the house rules, players can build business relationships with others which can provide an opportunity in ideal strategies. Additionally, Monopoly teaches us plenty of things such as market strategizing, branding, and budgeting.


When it comes to stimulating the mind with creativity, Clue is on top of the list. This game’s objective is to find out who was the killer, which room the murder happened, and the weapon of choice. Become Sherlock Holmes in the family as this game trains the mind to be more observant.

Chutes and Ladders

Do we have to explain this one? Ladders are good while chutes are bad. In the game, you’ll encounter hundreds of curveball that might set you back, and it teaches us how to handle the situation in times of crisis. By sheer random of luck, it gives an underlying representation of reality. So, when you’re trying to handle adversaries, it’s best to treat them in a friendly game of Chutes and Ladders.

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