How to Foster Great Communication Habits with Your Nanny

How to Foster Great Communication Habits with Your Nanny

When you leave your kids with the nanny for the day, you can’t help but think about them throughout the day. From a curious “what are they doing,” to “I wonder if the baby’s sleeping well today” to a more worried, “I hope the nanny remembers to give Dylan his medicine”, the thoughts are endless. Although you go through a usual check-in at the beginning and end of the day with your nanny, it can seem impossible to get all of the information you need in these quick chats. Luckily, today, you don’t need to rely exclusively on in-person interactions. You can foster great communication with your full time or part time nanny with the use of some helpful technological tools. Here are a few you may want to try:

Communication is Key


The ultimate list-making tool, you can make lists based on time of day, your child’s name, and more. Whether you want to store lists of approved activities and snacks or simply leave a “to-do” list for your nanny, Trello is the place to do it. Then simply share access to your relevant boards with your nanny and you two can easily stay in sync on key issues surrounding the kids.


Everyone’s favorite chatting app, Whatsapp is the perfect way to stay in touch throughout the day. Encourage your nanny to take photos and share videos through this app so that you can get updates of the cutest moments in your kids’ day. This app is also ideal for communicating forgotten instructions or asking for a quick update.

Google Calendar

Your nanny may need to keep up with your kids’ events such as soccer games, music events or even a drop off at Grandma’s house. Share calendar events with your nanny so that you’re always on the same page about upcoming events. This can eliminate the need to leave post-its and reminders around the house.


If you have an infant, leaving your baby with a certified nanny is one of the best decisions you can make, especially if you find a certified newborn care specialist. You’ll get a dedicated professional who will look after your baby one-on-one while you’re away. However, this creates a communication struggle to keep track of feedings and diaper counts, which is vital information for parents to know especially in the first year of life. The BabyTime app can help nannies and parents stay in sync over these important concerns so that parents are never left out of the loop.

Bottom line

Once you’ve decided what tools you’d like to use with your nanny, simply ask the nanny to download the app or create an account so that you can share access to relevant information. Consistency is key. If you both regularly use the tools you’ve agreed upon, the flow of communication will be fluid and easy to manage. With tools like these, you won’t feel rushed when you do get the chance to chat with your nanny and you can focus on fun stories about what your kids have been up to while you were gone.

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