A Complete Checklist for Your Babysitter

A Complete Checklist for Your Babysitter

You’re racking your brains, trying to make a an instructions list for your babysitter. With just 10 minutes before you’re supposed to be out the door, the babysitter will arrive any minute. You want to make sure you go through important details with her so that she’ll know exactly what to do with your kids. But, you’re drawing a blank. Did you include everything necessary? What do you need to include on your checklist anyway?

Don’t worry. Here at Certified Nannies, we know exactly what your nanny or babysitter needs to know to successfully look after your little ones for the afternoon, evening, or all day long. Here’s a complete list of what information you should leave for your babysitter:

Contact Info
Don’t forget to leave a few phone numbers for your sitter. It’s best to leave more than one option so that if you don’t hear your phone, your sitter has another option.

Call If…
Make a list of what situations merit a call. For example, you may want your babysitter to call if your child gets a fever. Or, if your infant won’t stop crying after a certain amount of time, you may prefer that the caregiver call.


Your babysitter should be aware of any medications your child needs to take. In addition, list any allergies your child has. Allergies are especially important to list, even if you don’t think they’ll be relevant. You never know when an emergency might come up and medical personnel may need to know about any allergies to medications.

Snacks and Meals
If your babysitter will be watching your child during mealtime, explain what the plan is. Whether you need the sitter to fix sandwiches, make mac and cheese or heat up leftovers, detailing what’s expected will help make mealtime run smoothly.

Then, detail your house’s snack policy. For example, do children need to finish their meal before they have a snack? How many snacks are allowed? List some possible snacks so that your babysitter will know what to offer your kids if they’re hungry.

TV/Screen Policy

If you have a policy about screen time, make sure your babysitter knows what it is. Detail how much time children are allowed to spend watching TV or videos and what content is allowed. Make sure you include any passwords here.

Bedtime or napping routines should be explained if relevant. Many children sleep better and more easily if the babysitter follows the same routine and schedule as the parents. So, write out the timeline and activities including suggestions of favorite books or any other relevant details.

Visitor Policy
Your child begs the babysitter for a playdate with a neighborhood friend, is that allowed? Write a quick line that makes your visitors policy clear.

Do you have any pets? If so, write down any care that they’ll need. From letting the dog out to whether your kids are allowed to give treats to the cat or if the fish should be fed, make sure your babysitter knows what to do with your animal friends.

With this information, you can enjoy your time out with confidence, knowing that your babysitter is well-prepared to handle everything at home.

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