6 Things to Say to Your Children More Often

child at the beach

As parents, we know that saying the wrong things to our children can leave them feeling confused, angry, or hurt. This is why we think it’s important to say the right things more often to help them grow. The following are nine sentences we suggest saying more to make them feel valued.

1. I know you can do it; I believe in you.

Saying this to your children will help them overcome challenges they face whether that’s in school or a sport they’re struggling with.

2. You did an excellent job!

The best way to motivate your child is through positive reinforcement. Praise as many times as possible, but don’t over do it as this act may seem insincere.

3. I’m so proud of because…

Beginning your sentence with these words can never hurt as children often seek parental approval. Praising their achievements like tidying up their room or getting an award from school will encourage good behavior. Additionally, compliment them on their actions such as determination, kindness, and patience.

4. You make me smile.

Happiness is contagious. By saying this to your child, it tells them that they’re capable of bringing joy to you and others. By saying this, it encourages smile-inducing and positive behaviors.

5. You can come to me for anything.

You don’t want to wait until your child is under full of stress before you offer them attention. This is particularly the case for children who struggle with expressing how they feel. Many parents want their children to come to them in times of hardship, but unless this is said, they might refrain from seeking help.

6. You’re worthy of success, love, and respect.

When you want your children to have a well-adjusted adulthood, reinforce their worth as early as possible.

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