5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Professional Nanny Over Family Members

5 Reasons You Should Use a Professional Nanny Over Family

Family is a convenient childcare solution. There are many apparent advantages to asking Grandma and Grandpa or another family member to look after your little ones. Who could love your kids more? And they may not even charge you! It seems like the perfect set-up. However, before you enlist the support of your parents to look after your kids on a regular basis, consider the following reasons from Certified Nannies on why you might prefer to hire a professional nanny instead.


Professional nannies are knowledgeable about childhood development and safety. For example, they know how to handle the most common emergency situations like choking or a bump. In addition, nannies are familiar with age-appropriate that kids can enjoy. They’ll ensure your kids are happy and engaged in healthy, educational activities while in their care.

Keep the Peace

What if your family member does something with your kids while babysitting them that doesn’t fit in with your parenting style? This can create an awkward situation pretty quickly since it can be difficult to critique your relatives and especially your own parents! Many situations can come up when caring for kids and you’ll want to have confidence that things like your home’s rules, expectations about snacks and screen time limitations are being followed. With a professional nanny, it’s easier to discuss your rules ahead of time than it is with family, in which case you may feel like you have to be more sensitive to feelings.

Professional Relationship

With a nanny, you can enjoy a professional relationship. That means you get to set out expectations and rules with the nanny at the beginning. When working with a professional nanny, you’ll also see what their qualifications are and have that assurance that they’re well-prepared to work with children. As professionals, nannies will be able to communicate professionally about issues related to your child and will always inform you of any accidents such as a bump or a scrape. This will give you peace of mind and confidence knowing that either you or the nanny can bring up a concern without worrying about turning into any drama.


When you hire a nanny, you’ll get reliable service. The nanny will arrive on time and complete their job in a professional manner. If your regular nanny is sick, the agency will send another professional you feel comfortable with to take their place. With family, this isn’t always possible.

Have a Great Relationship with Family

The best part about hiring a professional part-time or full-time nanny instead of relying on the family is that you can focus on the fun when you are with family members. You won’t have to worry about a disagreement over childcare during a family gathering or feel like it’s too much to ask a family member help plan a birthday party because they’re also caring for your child. Instead, you can devote your family time to enjoying each other’s company.

Yes, a family is a wonderful gift. It’s wonderful to see your children forming close relationships with their grandparents and aunts and uncles. But, when you need reliable, regular childcare services and you don’t want to put your family relationships at risk, opt for a professional nanny. You won’t be disappointed!

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