5 Reasons to Visit Las Vegas This Summer (With Your Kids!)

5 Reasons to Visit Las Vegas This Summer

Are you still working out your summer vacation schedule? Why not include a trip to Las Vegas?

Many families shy away from the city because they assume it’s not kid-friendly. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sin City is full of lots of family-oriented attractions and fun. Of course, hiring a Las Vegas babysitter for a night or two should be part of your plan.

Below, discover 5 reasons to bring your kids on a Vegas vacation this summer!

Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay Hotel

Can you imagine showing your kids real, live sharks? This amazing aquarium will be a highlight of your kids’ childhoods. At this attraction, your kids can see over 2000 different animals including 15 species of sharks. Head through the stunning tunnel for a one-of-a-kind aquarium experience as sharks, stingrays and fish swim right over your head.

The Shows

For older kids, magic shows might offer one of the most astonishing and jaw-dropping experiences. Other family-friendly shows include Cirque du Soleil, the Blue Man Group, The Beatles, and more! Come, enjoy an afternoon or evening together enthralled by the amazing performers in this city.
Day Trips
Take a trip over to the Grand Canyon or Hoover Dam! These beautiful landmarks are not only fun but also educational. You’ll make amazing memories at either of these locations that are within easy driving distance of Las Vegas.

In addition, there are other national and state parks nearby if you want to spend more time in nature. A few options include Tule Springs Fossil Preserve State Park, the Red Rock National Conservation, and Spring Mountain National Recreation Area.

Looking for another alternative? It’s baseball season all summer long in Las Vegas! Head out to the ball game and see the Aviators or the Oakland Athletics.

Farmer’s Markets

Las Vegas is home to several farmer’s markets. Some operate in the mornings while others are open in the afternoon. In any case, these markets offer wholesome good fun and healthy foods for you to munch on as you explore the city. Why not head out and discover the fun?

Hot Air Balloon Rides

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy a very unique view of the city of Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. Head high into the sky on a family hot air balloon ride! Your children are sure to cherish this amazing memory of unmatched natural beauty and the Vegas skyline.

After keeping your kids busy for a few days with the above activities, they won’t mind if you sneak away for an afternoon or night of more adult fun. Simply leave them in the capable care of a reputable Las Vegas babysitting agency and enjoy your kid-free adventures!

Las Vegas is the perfect family vacation – offering something that’s fun for everyone in the family. Start planning your adventure today!

Book your Las Vegas babysitter ahead of your trip. Contact Certified Nannies for the most reputable, highly qualified childcare in the region.

How to Communicate and Connect with Your Hotel Babysitter

A babysitter for a few hours, while you’re family, is on vacation is a lifesaver. With kids, family vacations can be a lot of work, even if they are a lot of fun. Having a few hours that allow you to explore with your partner or on your own, as an adult, is well-deserved and essential for completing your vacation.

But, hiring your hotel babysitter can feel a bit challenging. Within a few minutes, you have to share about your kids and hope that they have a fun time while you’re away. So, how can you feel comfortable with your hotel babysitter? It’s not like you’re going to use their services over and over again unless you visit this vacation spot frequently.

What can you do? There are some quick ways you can connect and set up good communication with a hotel babysitter, even when it’s a one-time deal. Take a look:

Phone Numbers

Make sure your hotel babysitter has your phone number so that you can get in touch in case anything comes up. Although we don’t allow the babysitter to exchange personal contact info. with you, you can have the babysitter do a test call on your hotel’s telephone, and then save the number for quick access. If you’re feeling particularly anxious and want to get in touch with your babysitter, this allows you to call her immediately without having to worry about “dropped calls”.

Request An Update 

If you’re feeling especially worried, you can always stop-in or call the babysitter half-way through their assignment. This will reassure you and allow you to continue to enjoy your time away from the kids.

Make A List of “Need to Know” Information

There are some things any babysitter in charge of your kids should know. For example, if your child has any allergies or requires any medications, the babysitter needs to know. So, make a list of this essential information so that you don’t forget to mention it at the handover.
Once you make this list, you can use it over and over again for any hotel babysitter you hire. So, invest your time in doing it at least once. Worried you’ll forget something? See our babysitter checklist to make sure you’ve covered everything.

Ask 3 Questions

Within the first few minutes of meeting your hotel babysitter, you can make the most of your time by thinking of a few quick questions. For example, you can ask:
• Where are you from?
• Where did you go to school?
• What’s your favorite snack?
• What hobbies do you have?
• What’s your favorite thing about working with kids?
• What are 3 things you would include in an ideal weekend?
These questions can help you feel more comfortable about your babysitter since you’ll know a bit more about your sitter.

Prescreen Your Hotel Babysitter

Work with an agency or request more information on your hotel babysitter, ahead of your trip. This will give you added security. Quality agencies put their nannies and babysitters through rigorous background checks and screenings. Many agencies will also work with you, sending you the babysitter’s full profile so that you have more insight about your childcare provider.

You can feel secure and connected to your hotel babysitter, even if you’ll only use them one-time! This will give you a sense of freedom and light-heartedness that will allow you to enjoy your child-free time.

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